User experience of a black 2.3 inch mini dual SIM QWERTY keyboard slide cell phone

I bought a black 2.3 inch mini dual SIM qwerty keyboard slide cell phone about one month, I summarize some experiences and suggestions of the phone in this article. Maybe it is useful for you if you want to buy this mobile phone or you want to know more information about it. is a good website which makes you know more electrical products.


Last month, I bought a new slide cell phone which was a mini dual SIM and quad band phone. I like the black color and 2.3 inch mobile phone very much. So I decide to write this article to tell all of you about the use experiences and suggestions of me.

As a mobile phone, the most important function is communication function. Any mobile phone can do or it is not a mobile phone. And this phone is a dual SIM and dual standby mobile phone. It can hold two SIM card. With dual SIM operation, it allows you to use two services without need to carry two phones at the same time. I take apart my personal number and work number in this phone. It is easy to operate. And sometimes if you travel to other country or other place, you can put local card into it. You can easily shift card in your phone.

Secondly, I like is its slide-up screen and qwerty keyboard. If I have a call, just slide the screen that I can receive the call, the same as call ends. If you use a normal straight board phone, you need to press the keyboard. I prefer a slide phone to a straight board phone. The qwerty keyboard is easily operate like a computer keyboard, with it you can type text rapidly. If you love slide cellular and qwerty keyboard, this phone is a good choice.

As for other function, I like the TV-enabled function. With the analog antenna, I can search my favorite TV channels for free in my spare time. On the train or bus, I can watch my favorite football match in my phone. Also it built in camera and Bluetooth function. Bluetooth is very good but the camera pixel is not as good as high resolution camera.

What’s more, the screen resolution is very clear in this 2.3 inch screen. Maybe somebody does not like the compact phone, but I like it very much. The other question is the battery. The talk time is up to 4 hours. I feel it is not sufficient enough, but more effective than a smart phone.

With one month use, it has nothing problem with the phone. So if you want to buy a slide phone, the black 2.3 inch mini dual SIM qwerty keyboard slide cell phone fits for you. More information you can browse

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