Buy your family a small video camera

Why small video camera is now the mainstream of digital video camera? That is because all good things and wonderful moments are fleeting, everyone wants to record the good moments: the wedding day, the first birthday of your daughter, the graduation of your son, the engagement ceremony of you eldest child, the annual family gathering. With the desire of recording the happy time, families are planning to buy a video camera. Those small ones are easy-to-carry, which may provide convenience when people go out for open field activities. Furthermore, they are also acceptable in the price. Besides it, it is easy to operate, so every member of your family knows how to use it. For above reasons, small and portable video cameras are popular among ordinary family.

6 tips can help you to select a good small video camera. The main things you should take into account when you are choosing a small video camera are the CCD pixel, lens, portability, operation, screen and the storage. First, the CCD pixel is an important standard to measure the image quality of DV. The pixel size directly determines the resolution, color and degree of fluency. Second, the lens is also a key factor that determines the image quality of DV. The optical zooms maintain the clarity of image. In general, the larger optical zooms mean easier framing of the size of the set. However, some DV boast massive digital zooms, but they just enlarge a part of existing picture, which means there are less pixels and the image becomes less clear. Third, considering the aged users and the women users, easy operation and simple maintenance should be taken into account. Fourth, the LCD screen is easy to choose. The pixel is the main measuring standard of the screen. Fifth, it is necessary to choose a small video camera that equipped with various fixed device, so you can fix it at your car or just hold it by your hand. Last but not least, you’d better choose a small video camera with large storage space and large capacity batteries, because it will be disappointing if your video camera is insufficient in storage space or runs out of batteries while you are recording.

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